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How You Can Help

Our organization is sustained by the support and commitment of hardworking volunteers. These individuals have donated their time and effort to ensure the highest standards at Bhavani Shankar Mandir. Every duty is essential to ensure the mandir is well maintained; whether it is taking out the garbage, cooking to feed the public or dressing the murtis. Many hands make light work! Our teams are always looking for new members, General Volunteer positions are also available!

Join us in Seva!

Meet the Team

Construction Team

This versatile team of individuals has made sure the mandir is functional and operational. They are the mandir's general handy people. They take on responsibilities such as painting and patch work, building our stages, putting up the outdoor tents, and constructing alongside many more miscellaneous tasks! 

Kitchen Team

This large team is unique for having multiple groups within the kitchen. Their responsibilities for feeding the public are divided in 4 major categories; Preparation of grocery items, cooking of food, serving to the public and cleaning up the dishes and kitchen facility. 

Cleaning Team

This group of volunteers frequently come together to uphold the cleanliness of our building. They have taken on the responsibility to upkeep the tranquil atmosphere.
Responsibilities include; sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and taking out the garbage.

  • This group of volunteers come together to uphold the cleanliness of our building. They have taken on the responsibility to make sure our facility is 

  • Responsibilities; sweep, mop, vacuum, dusting, taking out the garbage

Receptionist Team

This is a team of individuals that represent the mandir, commonly the first friendly face that welcomes you when entering the mandir. As a receptionist at Bhavani Shankar Mandir, volunteers are expected to stay up to date on the ongoing and upcoming activities alongside operations of the building.

Garden Team

This group of individuals come together as one to display their abilities on restoring the beautiful outdoors surrounding Bhavani Shankar Mandir. The garden team is most active during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. During this time they are responsible for your first impression while walking into the mandir.

Decor Team

This creative team of volunteers is responsible for setting the perfect ambiance. From lighting and props to clothing and jewellery. Our decorating team takes on the responsibilities of washing and ironing the murti's clothing, setting up a wide arrangement of flowers, and dressing the murti's.

Would You Like to Help?

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