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Bhavani Shankar Mandir is a non-profit and a registered charitable organization dedicated to promoting and preserving Hindu culture, traditions and values, in addition to providing learning opportunities to the Canadian multicultural society. The organization was established in 2007. The construction of the existing Temple commenced in 2013 and was completed in 2016. Bhavani Shankar Mandir is a gathering place to celebrate and participate in cultural and recreational activities, which is an immense contribution to the diverse surrounding communities. The temple is home to various cultural programs and religious services, designed to engage youths and seniors, and provides services and programs reflective of our unique culture.



2007: Bhavani Shankar Mandir was founded by a few community members in an industrial unit on Steeles and Melanie Drive

Melanie Drive Timeline 1.jpg

2011 - Bhavani Shankar Mandir purchased a plot of land at Ebenezer and Gore Rd.

plot of land.jpg

2010 - Three years later, the congregation continued to grow, and the idea of building a larger temple was formed.

Melanie Drive Timeline 2.jpg

2012 - Bhavani Shankar Mandir unveiled plans for the new location of the mandir.

Unveils plans - 2012.jpg

2013 - The Ground Breaking Ceremony was performed at the temple site, allowing the building’s construction to start.

Ground Breaking BSM.jpg

2013 to 2015 - At the temple site, many Pujas, Havans, and Bhaagvat Yagyas were performed to keep the site blessed and energized.

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2016 - The temple was completed, and Bhavani Shankar Mandir celebrated their Grand Opening ceremonies with the devotees and community leaders. 

BSM 2016.jpg

2016 to Present- We continue to preserve our heritage, to educate and inspire with our cultural classes, and to engage the community with religious and recreational events on a daily basis.

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Mission and Vision



To preserve the Hindu traditions and values, through continuous engagement of the community in religious services, cultural programs, and recreational activities.


To simply yet significantly facilitate growth and harmony through a spiritual process.

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