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Pujas are performed weekly, and are open for the public to participate 

Sponsor Shanti Satsangh to celebrate your special occasion!

Program Schedule:

Sunday Service

Monday - Shivji Puja

Tuesday - 11 Hanuman Chalisa

Friday - Durga Puja

Weekly Puja Sponsorship

To sponsor a puja

Shivratri Sadhana 54 Days

To sponsor one of the 54 days of Shivratri Sadhana

Maha Shiv Puran Katha

Maha Shiv Puran Katha

To sponsor one of day of the Shiv Puran Katha

Shivratri Prahar Sponsorship

To sponsor one of 4 prahars:

Ekadash Rudram - Shivratri

To sponsor one of the 11 Ekadash Rudram

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